The Aftermath of Sexual Abuse

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Published: 18th November 2009
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Sexual abuse is a major crime with long - term consequences. Sexual assault can be defined as any type of sexual behavior or contact that occurs without the consent of the recipient of unwanted sexual activity. Sexual activities such as forced sexual intercourse, child molestation, incest and attempted rape define sexual assault.

Globally, one out of three women is sexually abused in her lifetime. Going by the facts, 17.6 percent women in USA have been victims of attempted or completed rape. 3 percent of American men have experienced sexual assault.15% of sexual assault victims are under age 12. Not just the facts, but the aftermath is alarming.

Victims of sexual assault suffer from anxiety, stress, depression, bipolar disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder. They are more likely to attempt suicide. It is extremely difficult to cope with the psychological response of the victims. Most of the survivors have feelings of self blame, guilt and shame.

The trauma of childhood sexual abuse can last for years. Generally the children feel self- distressed and lonely. In order to escape the feeling of guilt and self -hatred, the children often start consuming alcohol and drugs.

Recovering from sexual abuse is not an easy task. There are organizations that conduct recovery treatments and programs to help them come out of this trauma. The experienced and efficient staff members can help them resolve feelings of shame, guilt and depression.

The professionally trained clinicians design custom tailored plan for the individuals. They include medical and psychiatric treatment to rehabilitate the mind and body of the victims. Often these organizations offer holistic services such as spiritual counseling, meditation, breathing exercises and nutritional counseling.

Anybody suffering from this terrible crisis should visit a rehabilitation centre to add a new meaning to his/her life. Family members should be extremely supportive to help the sufferer come out of this trauma.

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